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Graham's Organics

GO Organic Layer

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Our feed mill was established in 2008.  We were already producing feeds for our own livestock. The demand for organic animal feed propelled us into manufacturing for the public. The commodities that supply our feed mill are raised on our farm, and provide high quality nutrition with great consistency.

Our feed is available any time of the year. You can get the feed at our farm, (3654 E. Weidman Road in Rosebush) or at the list of retailers below.  Delivery is available on large orders within the state of Michigan. Call for details.

Customers are delighted to find our locally-made Michigan organic feed. National chain organic feeds are often heat-treated, which removes some of the nutrients. Our fresh feed is not heat-treated. It is not pelletized, but actual ground grains and minerals. Everything in our feed is a ground grain or added Fertrell Mineral.

Beware: customers that use our feed, and then switch to another feed, report that their animals then won’t eat the pelletized organic feed!  Animals know the difference!  Our feed is REAL FOOD, and they know it.

Because our feed is so fresh, we recommend buying only about a three month supply at once."

- Graham's Organics

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