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Lawn & Garden Products 

Piers Feed & Country Store can help you keep your lawn and garden at peak health with our assortment of fertilizers, spreaders, pest control products, seeds and supplies. We’ve recently added bulk mulch and bark.

Here are just a few of the products we carry. More products, sizes, varieties, and brands in store

    • GRIP Step 1
      GRIP Step 1


    • GRIP Step 2
      GRIP Step 2


    • GRIP Step 3
      GRIP Step 3


    • GRIP Step 4
      GRIP Step 4


    • Turf Lime
      Turf Lime


    • GRIP 12-12-12
      GRIP 12-12-12


    • GRIP 19-19-19
      GRIP 19-19-19


    • Potting Soil
      Potting Soil


    • Variety of Mulches
      Variety of Mulches

      Starting At: $18/Yd.


Lawn & Garden Brands We're Proud to Offer

Piers Feed Logo
Piers Feed Grass

Our four blends of grass seed are made specifically for us, they have all stood the rest of time and provided many families and contractors with quality at and affordable prices.

Jolyn Timmer

Quality products at an economical price point are our specialty bonide has the lawn and garden care chemicals to help us provide just that.

Grip Brand

Grip is a house made fertilizer made right in Nunica by Groeninks elevator, it’s quality and economic price tag make it the perfect brand for us here at Piers Feed.

We're Here To Help

Questions our customers often ask us about Our Lawn & Garden Section.
Do you carry fertilizer?

Yes! We carry everything from a four-step program to starter fertilizer 5-24-24

Do you carry mulch

Yes, we carry mulch April-late June

Do you carry weed control?

We carry Bonide brand chemicals for all your lawn and garden needs from pest control to weed control.

When do you apply the 4 step program?

Step 1: Apply April 1st - 30th 20-0-8 50% slow-release, 50% Sulfated Potash, and 20% Organic by weight with 0.37 Prodiarnine for crabgrass control. After application, water into soil with the equivalent of 1/3 to 1/2 inch of rain. Step 2: Apply May 10th - June 15th 25-0-8 35% slow release with .72 Trimec for broadleaf weed control. This should be applied when the grass is damp from rain or dew. Do not water or mow for 24 to 48 hours after application. Step 3: Apply June 15th - August 1st 25-0-15 High nitrogen with 40% 45 DAY slow release and 10% 90 day slow release. 5% iron. Apply when grass is dry; water after application for best results. Step 4: Apply August 30th - October 30th 18-O-28 35%o slow release nitrogen. 50% sulfated potash for easier plant uptake because it contains no salt. Watering may be necessary if conditions are dry.

When is the best time to put mulch down?

Spring is a great time to put mulch down and get your yard ready for summer.

Do you carry landscaping plants?

We do not carry any but we would love to point you in the right direction to get some?

Do you sell pest control?

Yes, we sell live traps for large and small pests and poisons for small pests

Do you sell grass seed?

Yes, we have 4 custom mixes in-store we would love to help you find the best one to meet your needs.

Do you sell garden tools?

Yes, we have garden tools such as shovels, rakes, and hoes in stock.

For additional questions please call us at (616)396-2586 or Email us here.

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