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Beet Pulp w/Molasses
40 pound bag of Beet Pulp Shreds with Molasses.
Grass Hay
Hay or grass is the foundation of the diet for all grazing animals and can provide as much as 100% of the fodder required for an animal. Hay is usually fed to an animal in place of allowing the animal to graze on grasses in a pasture, particularly in the
Michigan Oats
Oats locally grown and sown in the fields near Piers Feed and Country store. The oats are unwashed, they are bagged on site at Piers Feed in 50lb bags
50 Pound bag of Premium Purina Strategy horse feed.
One diet. Multiple lifestyles. Strategy® GX Professional Formula horse feed is as simple and as complex as that. Simple, because the perfected-over-time formula provides 100% of the required protein, vi
Equine Senior
50 pound bag of premium senior horse feed.
Purina’s Ph.D. Equine Nutritionists and Veterinarians continually research new ways to address the specific needs of aging horses, helping your senior horse live a long, healthy life. Purina® Equine Senior® hor
Kalm N EZ
50 pound bag of premium Tribute horse feed.
A low NSC pellet formulated for all classes of mature horses.
Beet Pulp Unswt
40 Pound bag of Beet Pulp Shreds unsweetened
Essential K GC PLUS
50 pound bag of premium Tribute horse feed.
A low NSC ration balancer to be fed alone or used as a top dress with any other Tribute® product to provide essential vitamins, trace minerals, and amino acids. Formulated with glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate,
Kalm N Ez GC Plus
50 pound bag of premium Tribute Horse feed
Formulated with glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, and MSM to support joint health, range of motion, and respiratory health.
No corn, oats or molasses! Keeps sugar and starch levels low.
Higher fat and highly d
Seniority Pelleted
50 pound bag of premium senior Tribute horse feed.
A lower NSC pelleted complete feed designed for mature horses.
Essential K Fly Control
The same Essential K you love now with Clarifly, for feed-through fly control
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