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About Us

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Piers Feed Mill was opened in 1960 by Julius "Juke" Piers.  Juke started out as a third-generation farmer in the Township of Fillmore, Michigan.  In addition to farming Juke also drove truck for Heidema Brothers Inc. but after 19 years Juke decided to farm full time.  At this time Juke invested in equipment to grind corn for his own livestock animals.  Many of Juke's neighbors had him grind corn for their own farms.  As more farms in the area hired Juke to grind feed for them, it took much his time away from his own farm.  This increased demand opened the door for Juke to start Piers Feed. He could now provide grind and mix grains for animal feed and bulk fertilizer for the farmers in the area.
    Piers Feed still continues as a family-owned and operated business that has grown into more than a feed mill for livestock feeding.  In 2000, part of the building was remolded into a country store.  Evolving the mill into Piers Feed and Country Store, and in 2016 we expanded again giving us even more space for retail animal supplies beyond feed!  As a shopping destination that gives you the feel of the old mill and the new products on the market today.  Piers Feed and Country Store still carries a large variety of feed for farm animals but has grown to have a variety of food for other animals.  You can find food for your wild birds, wildlife, dogs, cats, show livestock, horses, and poultry and the products to care for them.  You can also find lawn and garden products and pond care supplies in our store.  Piers Feed and Country Store has a helpful and knowledgeable staff that cares about your personal needs. Our goal is to give personalized service to everyone that comes in our door and out to their vehicle. We have become a Country Store for everyone.  
Come take a step back in time and visit Piers Feed and Country Store quality service for over 60 years.


    • Jolyn Smallegan
      Jolyn Smallegan

      Jolyn is the new owner and is very excited to continue on the store and serve the community by continuing to provide quality feed for all animals. She loves to show steers at shows around the state and carefully managing show livestock nutrition to produce the best quality animal possible. 

    • Ryann Grasman
      Ryann Grasman

      Ryann has been working with us for almost two years now, she loves helping all our customers find the perfect product for their animals with a smile on her face. In her free time, she and her family go around the state and country showing cow horses.

    • Jenna Timmer
      Jenna Timmer

      Jenna loves showing her goats at the local county fairs during the summer, she does a great job helping our customers in the store and keeping the store clean and organized.

    • Jacob Timmer
      Jacob Timmer

      Jacob does a lot of behind the scenes work at the store, he mixes all of our custom mix feeds for us and keeps the back clean and organized for all us girls. He is the youngest of 4 kids, he has grown up on a hobby farm showing livestock with everything from chickens to cattle.

    • Beth Timmer
      Beth Timmer

      She is the newest employee at with us, she enjoys growing flowers for her cut flower garden in the summer and helping her kids with their livestock on the farm. She loves helping people find the perfect bird feeder and seed to attract the birds they are looking for.

    • Jax

      Jax is an Alaskan Malamute, he is just over a year old he loves to come to work and greet all of our customers.

  • Rhonda Voss

    Rhonda works full-time at Nephew Physical Therapy. She fills in during Pier's busy seasons (fall through spring). When she's not working she spends time with her grandkids.

  • Gwen Rillema

    When Gwen is not working at the store she loves spending time with her grand kids on she and her husband's farm.

  • Cal Sterenberg

    Cal is also more behind the scenes he does all our deliveries to larger farms for us and in the summer all of our mulch deliveries. He loves helping people out and is very active in his church.

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