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Food Plots

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Food Plots

Planting food plots is a great way to help get and keep deer and turkey in your area. At Piers Feed and Country Store, we offer over 15 different seeds and mixes or make your own custom blend.

Here are just a few of the products we carry. More products, sizes, varieties, and brands in store.


    • Ladino Clover
      Ladino Clover


    • White Clover
      Legacy White Clover


    • Red Clover
      Red Clover


    • Purple Top Turnips
      Purple Top Turnips


    • Rape Seed
      Dwarf Essex Rape Seed


    • Alfalfa


    • Chicory


    • Whitetail Institute products
      Whitetail Institute products




Food Plot Brands We're Proud to Offer

Piers Feed Logo
Piers Feed

The Piers brand food plot seeds are bulk delivered from Cisco seed and bagged up in-store to give you an economical way to create your own blends.

Whitetail institute

Whitetail is a popular brand across the country with the research and quality to back up its values to hunters in all areas.

We're Here To Help

Questions our customers often ask us about our Food Plots.
Do you have single seeds available to make my own mix?

Yes, we have over 10 different types of single seed bags to mix your own custom food plot mix.

What are food plots?

Food plots are a small area a person plants seeds like clover to attract the deer and other animals just to watch in their backyard or for hunting.

Why do you use food plot seeds?

They are a perfect low maintenance way to attract wildlife to any area you want them in.

What animals do they attract?

Most of them attract deer but some seeds such as chicory will also attract turkeys.

How big should a food plot be?

A food plot can be any size you want, it can be anywhere from a 10x10 area in your backyard to a couple of acres.

When do you plant a food plot?

The best times to plant a food plot are fall and spring, seeds like clover and alfalfa are good seeds to plant in the spring but things like rye and turnips are good for fall plantings

Are food plots annual or perennial?

Depending on the seed you get they can be either, clover, alfalfa, and some ryes are perennial whereas forage oats and other varieties of rye are annual

How do I prepare a food plot?

Raking or rototilling up the ground so the seeds can easily make contact with the dirt and start to grow is best, after spreading seeds it is best to scratch them in gently with a rake but it is not required.

For additional questions please call us at (616)396-2586 or Email us here.

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